Honors Fellowships

Fund an undergraduate's summer research.

The William and Mary Honors Fellowships provide a new way to support the intellectual community at the College through direct contributions to the Honors thesis research of individual undergraduates. All juniors who have been approved by their departments to conduct Honors research in the upcoming academic year are eligible to apply for fellowships. A full fellowship is $6,000, which includes $1,000 for the student’s faculty supervisor.

This year, more students applied for Honors Fellowships than ever before, a testament to the program’s success – and the vision of the many donors who made it possible. Now we’re better able to connect students with donor support, and bring these projects to life.

For the first time, William & Mary has partnered with GiveCampus, a secure online crowdfunding and engagement platform, to help raise support for these wonderful students. We urge you to view the projects and support our students! You can view all of the projects at once or browse projects by hometown, department, or advisor.

Can’t decide on a project? You can also make a donation to the Honors Fellowships General Fund.

Many thanks for your support!

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