Honors Fellowships

Alexandria Brown

Name: Alex Brown
Title of Project: Exchange Patterns in the Woodland-Period Chesapeake: An XRF Study
Advisor: Martin Gallivan
Honors Department: Anthropology

I will be using X-ray technology to determine the clay sources of ceramics excavated from a Native American site on the York River. This information will contribute to understanding exchange patterns in the Chesapeake before European contact, and it utilizes approached rarely employed in the region. The Honors Fellowship provides the support I need to perform all the testing necessary for my project, and it also allows me to live in Williamsburg where I have access to artifacts, equipment, and research experts.

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Majors: Anthropology and English
Future Plans: At the moment, I plan to join the Peace Corps after I graduate and then follow that up with graduate school. I’d like to be a professional archaeologist, in the far-distant future!
Campus Activities: I work at WMCAR (W&M Center for Archaeological Research), I’m on the poetry staff of the W&M Review, and I’m part of a group of students who volunteer at nursing homes.
Hobbies: Creative writing (especially children stories), running, and camping
Fun Fact: I know some blacksmithing, and a few years ago, I crafted a large medieval weapon. I also went to a Quaker high school.

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