Honors Fellowships

Andrew Frantz

Name: Andrew Frantz
Title of Project:
The Birth of the Redcoat: The Glorious Revolution and Military Development in Britain
Advisor: Nicholas Popper
Honors Department: History

I plan on researching and analyzing one or more of the causes of the dramatic changes within the English army in the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution. The funding will allow me to gain access to the archival sources necessary to the project.

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Major: History
Future Plans: I plan on applying for a PhD program in history following graduation and hope to one day become a history professor.
Campus Activities: William & Mary Choir, James Blair Historical Review, Phi Beta Delta International Studies Honors Society, Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society, and Spotswood Society.
Hobbies: Williamsburg Pipes and Drums (I’ve been a piper since age 6), Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada World War II Living History Association (I’ve been a member of a Canadian World War II reenactment group for the last six years).
Fun Fact: While studying abroad in Johannesburg, I learned how to speak conversational isiZulu.

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