Honors Fellowships

Ari Cukierman

Name: Ari Cukierman
Title of Project: Decaying Dark Matter and the Cosmic Ray Spectrum
Advisor: Christopher Carone
Honors Department: Physics

Is it possible for dark matter to decay to ordinary matter? And could this account for some of the unexpected measurements reported in the past few years? The summer is the most productive time of the year for research and the Honors Fellowship will allow me to take advantage of that.

Hometown: McLean, Virginia
Majors: Physics and Mathematics
Future Plans: I would like to pursue a PhD. in physics. After that, I will look for a research position–most likely a professorship.
Hobbies: Music, reading, and exercise.
Fun Fact: My last name is Polish. It is pronounced “sookerman” and means “Sugar man”.

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