Honors Fellowships

Beth Childress

Name: Elizabeth Childress
Title of Project:
Fluorescence Sensing of Mercury by Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles
Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron
Honors Department: Chemistry

I will be making nanoparticles, which are polymer chains that are curled up into tiny particles, that can be used as a mercury sensor. The nanoparticles could eventually be used to test for mercury contamination in water and biological systems based upon the standards set by the EPA. The Honors Fellowship is important to my research because it provides funding for the instruments and chemicals utilized to make my nanoparticles.

Hometown: Christiansburg, VA
Major: Chemistry
Future Plans: I would like to pursue a medical career, either as a research physician or a clinical physician.
Campus Activities: I belong to the sorority Phi Mu, and I am a teaching assistant for the chemistry department.
Hobbies: I love playing tennis and basketball, and I love reading.
Fun Fact: Although I’m a chemistry major, I’m a huge history buff.

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