Honors Fellowships

Brianna Frentzko

Name: Brianna Frentzko
Title of Project: Adia: A Story of Fragmented Selves and Hidden Narrators
Advisor: Ava Coibion
Honors Department: English

I am writing a novel with experimental narration techniques that explores an intense girlhood friendship and the nature of reality. My project takes me to Nepal this summer to trace the footsteps of one of my narrators. I will be devoting the remainder of my summer to writing.

Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: English
Future Plans: I will probably devote a year or two to service after

graduation (Peace Corps or Teach for America) and then go on to graduate school. Eventually, I plan on becoming an English professor.
Hobbies: Hiking (hill-walking), travel, contemplating existence, crew, viola and violin, theatre, spelunking, the elliptical, movies, cooking, the ocean, folk tales, and mythology.
Fun Fact: Due to an extraordinary amount of time spent in my head with people who don’t exist, I often run into things. I am psychically connected to my cat, Lucky. My brother and I have an ongoing Monty Python/Princess Bride/bizarre-parody-movie quoting text war. He’s winning.

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