Honors Fellowships

Diana Ohanian

Name: Diana Ohanian
Title of Project:
The Wounds of Vichy Reopened: Investigating the Impact of SNCF’s Recent Apology Concerning their Role in the Holocaust
Advisor: Ronald Schechter
Honors Department: History

I will be investigating SNCF, France’s national railway company’s, role in the Holocaust during the Vichy regime of France in World War II. Moreover, I will be researching the impact of their recent apology with regards to modern memory of the Vichy regime in France. The Honors Fellowship gives me both structure and flexibility for my project. I have the structure of the program as well as the flexibility of the use of my time. I hope that the Fellowship can help me produce a fresh piece of academic material about the Vichy regime and modern Vichy memory.

Hometown: Birmingham, MI
Major: History
Future Plans: I would like to pursue a PhD in History.
Campus Activities: Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, James Blair Historical Review Project, Clearwater, and Matthew Whaley Elementary After School Theater Program
Hobbies: Baking, wandering through museums, and singing
Fun Fact: l love rooftops and roller coasters even though I have a fear of heights. I have been studying in Paris for the last semester!

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