Honors Fellowships

Ellie Walsh

Name: Ellie Walsh
Title of Project:
John Minson Galt II, Eastern Lunatic Asylum, and Cognitive Disability in Antebellum America
Advisor: Karin Wulf
Honors Department: History

I intend to use the records of John Minson Galt II, the supervisor of Eastern Lunatic Asylum in the decades before the Civil War, to examine the treatment and experience of cognitive disability in antebellum America. Since most disability history focuses on physical conditions or more modern times, my research will offer a context-grounded look at an underrepresented topic. Without a wealth of secondary material on my particular topic, my project will require a good deal of time. The Honors Fellowship will allow me to spend the summer getting to know the documents and formulating the research questions that will guide my work.

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Major: History
Future Plans: Following graduation, I will pursue a career in secondary education.
Campus Activities: My thesis fits well with my community studies minor focusing on disability issues. I am involved in several campus organizations including Spotlight Show Choir, Alpha Phi Omega, Steer Clear, and Orientation.
Hobbies: I spend my weekends volunteering with local Buddy Art and Buddy Ball programs with children with disabilities. I love to bake.
Fun Fact: I love being from Nashville and get home every chance I get! My Christmas tree looked so good in my apartment that I have kept it up and changed out the ornaments for various other holidays. (Currently, it’s “end of the semesta’ fiesta” and topped with a sombrero.) Beside the tree is a 60+ item summer bucket list for the time that I am not researching.

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