Honors Fellowships

Kaitlin Helsley

Name: Kaitlin Helsley
Title of Project:
Antiviral Effects of TeaF and Applications to Williamsburg Area Viral Ecology
Advisor: Kurt Williamson
Honors Department: Biology

The purpose of this project is to monitor the effects of bacteriophage on soil microbes. It is widely known that phage are an integral part of marine ecosystem carbon cycling, but very little is known about the interactions of terrestrial phage and microbial populations. When I decided to complete an honors project, I knew that I was committing to a full-time summer research effort. This was a scary step for me financially, as taking a summer off for unpaid research was not an option. The honors fellowship has removed that financial pressure and even made allowances for the new lab equipment made necessary by my project.

Hometown: Elkton, VA
Major: Biology
Future Plans: Following graduation from W&M, I plan to attend medical school. I am not sure which area of the medical field I will land in, as of yet.
Campus Activities: I am an active member of WM Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM), an attendee of all WM Wind Symphony, Orchestra, and brass quintet concerts, as well as participant in various intramural sports including volleyball, soccer, and flag football.
Hobbies: In my spare time I play tennis and volleyball, kayak, and dance. I am also an avid letter writer and I always decorate my envelopes.
Fun Fact: I can make a pretty convincing monkey face and I am addicted to spicy ethnic foods.

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