Honors Fellowships

Kenay Sudler

Name: Kenay Sudler
Title of Project:
Examining the Situation Faced by Speech Pathologists who Speak English with an Accent from a Foreign Language
Advisor: Anne Charity-Hudley
Honors Department: Linguistics

For my project I will be analyzing research from a questionairre, conducting interviews, and running an experiment with speech pathologists and their clients. The results from this study will be used to help distinguish biases based on issues of language diversity from quantitative research which shows the possible limits that accent could pose in the profession. The honors fellowship will provide me the support and resources with which to complete my project. The money provided by this fellowship will be beneficial in helping me to provide compensation to those who participate in my research.

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Majors: Linguistics and Psychology
Future Plans: I would like to go to graduate school to become a speech pathologist.
Campus Activities: National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Mortar Board, African Cultural Societry. Community Partnership fro Adult learners, Destination CHina
Hobbies: I enjoy reading, writing, and volunteering
Fun Fact: I speak 3 foreign languages: Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

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