Honors Fellowships

Luke Reding

Name: Luke Reding
Title of Project:
The First Experimental Test of Whether Sexual Selection Drives Speciation and Extinction Processes in a Model Organism
Advisor: Helen Murphy and John Swaddle
Honors Department: Biology

I will investigate how the strength of sexual selection affects population viability and genetic divergence in yeast. This work has broad implications for how sexual selection shapes population-level processes like extinction and speciation. In addition to providing funding for my research, the Honors Fellowship will allow me to stay at the College over the summer and start my experiment earlier–a non-trivial matter with an experimental evolution project like mine.

Hometown: Montgomery Village, MD
Major: Biology
Future Plans: I would like to go to graduate school and study questions related to those I’m investigating now. Besides that, my future is up in the air.
Campus Activities: Botany Club
Hobbies: I enjoy running, playing guitar, and reading fiction and anything science-related.
Fun Fact: I’m a duel citizen of Belgium and I recently took up the ukulele.

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