Honors Fellowships

Matt Sparacino

Name: Matt Sparacino
Title of Project: The Effects of Weathering on Bedrock Channel Erosion and Form
Advisor: Greg Hancock
Honors Department: Geology

This project will analyze if and how physical and chemical weathering processes affect bedrock stream channel erosion. A firm understanding of how bedrock stream channels erode is key to understanding and modeling how mountains evolve through time, which is currently a popular topic in the field of geomorphology. This Honors Fellowship provides me with an opportunity to conduct essential and extensive fieldwork. It allows me to pursue research at an advanced level, culminating in a publication-quality thesis.

Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Major: Geology
Future Plans: A Master’s and PhD are in the near future. Hopefully more research after that, possibly in a teaching capacity, maybe for the government, or in the private sector.
Campus Activities: I work at the rock wall and lead outdoor recreation trips for the Rec Center.
Hobbies: I love rock climbing, skiing, biking, hiking, and generally anything that gets me outside. I enjoy cooking and a really good cup of coffee.
Fun Fact: My nickname within the Geology department is “Baby Spice.”

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