Honors Fellowships

Aidan De Sena

Name: Aidan De Sena
Title of Project:
 Pesticides in the Pantanal: A Qualitative and Quantitative Water Pollution Analysis
 Matthias Leu
Honors Department: Biology

As the world comes to the realization that life’s most precious resource is dwindling, we must look into the state of our current freshwater reservoirs to understand the future of water conservation. I will look into the quality of one of the few wetlands which remains intact for the moment, but faces the threats of a booming Brazilian agro-business sector.

The needed funding to support such a project was made possible through the generous Honors Fellowship, which has provided me with the airfare, glass vials, boat rental fees, and more.

Hometown: Sparta, NJ
Majors: Biology, Chemistry
Future Plans: Fulbright Scholarship to continue research, doctorate program in ecotoxicology and conservation, Peace Corps
Campus Activities: Branch Out, Alpha Phi Omega, OCES, ACER Lab
Hobbies: running, writing, reading, community engagement, research, wildlife
Fun Fact: I was backup vocals for an avant-garde song (Marriane Nowottny – Andre the Giant) . . . Check it out!

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