Honors Fellowships

Anna Swanson

Name: Anna Swanson
Title of Project:
 School Feeding Programs and Community Engagement in Cape Town
 Cullen Hendrix
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary/Africana Studies

Through many interviews and observations this summer, I aim to understand what the challenges and successful strategies are to community engagement in school feeding in the urban setting of Cape Town, South Africa. Understanding the urban challenges to school feeding is crucial in a third world in which urban populations are growing faster than anywhere else in the world.

The Honors Fellowship research opportunity is extremely important to my project to give me a first hand look at the issue. While school feeding programs are well documented in all corners of the world, focus has consistently been on solely rural schools. The Fellowship allows me to see the programs in effect and understand both the system and the communities on a deeper level than all the reports on the programs could ever give me.

Hometown: Devon, PA
Majors: Africana Studies
Future Plans: After graduation I hope to continue with NGO and development work in the food security sector in Southern Africa. While I am unsure if this will be more on the research or actual implementation side of things, hopefully this summer will give me a better idea!
Campus Activities: Secretary, Students for Stop Hunger Now; Student advisor, Reeves Center for International Relations; Tutor, CPALS
Hobbies: Speaking Spanish, taking photos, keeping up with international news, traveling and exploring, and food- I would say cooking but I’m a horrible cook, I mostly enjoy trying new foods/restaurants, learning about food and gardening, shopping for food, and sitting down with friends over a good meal, so I’ll just say food.
Fun Fact: I’ve swam with sharks, lived in the jungles of peru, driven on the left in a manual car, eaten kangaroo, done the William and Mary triathlon, worked at Chipotle, but I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz or toured Washington DC.

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