Honors Fellowships

Brett Evans

Name: Brett Evans
Title of Project:
 Latin Love Elegy and Contemporary Literary Theory
 Vassiliki Panoussi
Honors Department: Classical Studies

I will read broadly from Latin love elegy and scholarly criticism concerning it while also engaging with the work of theorists such as Barthes, Kristeva, Bakhtin, and Lacan; in this way, I will apply influential ideas about how (and why) literature “works” to ancient poetry.

The amount of reading, analyzing, and wandering thinking that I require would be impossible without a full summer’s worth of preparation before the fall semester begins. I am grateful for this Fellowship beyond words.

Hometown: Burke, VA
Majors: Classical Studies – Latin
Future Plans: I will pursue a Ph.D. in Classical Philology and a career as a professor of Classics.
Campus Activities: Peer Scholarship Advisor in the Charles Center; Middle Eastern Music Ensemble (Violin); WM Symphony Orchestra (Violin); Catholic Campus Ministries
Hobbies: Reading novels, poetry, and essays; playing the violin; walking through Williamsburg; writing; starting to play raquetball; playing the occasional game of chess; laughing; wondering; dreaming; watching squirrels and birds from afar
Fun Fact: I locked myself and my two sisters in my dad’s office at work when I was a toddler; he had to get us out through the ceiling.

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