Honors Fellowships

David Hill

Name: David Hill
Title of Project:
 Design and Synthesis of Novel Hydrogen-Rich Polyimides for Radiation Shielding
 Robert Orwoll
Honors Department: Chemistry

My goal is to create lightweight radiation shielding to protect astronauts and equipment in space. Current shielding technology is inadequate to protect humans on extended space flights, such as a mission to Mars.

The Honors Fellowship has allowed me to stay this summer to work on my research, and provided funding for vital supplies and equipment.

Hometown: Pennington, NJ
Major: Chemistry
Future Plans: I hope to go on to graduate school in chemistry to earn a Ph.D. and do research on alternative energy systems and materials.
Campus Activities: I am involved in providing after school science education to elementary school children and doing technical work for the theater program.
Hobbies: I enjoy carpentry, working in the theater, and inventing.
Fun Fact: I am the only person in my entire extended family who is in science. It can make explaining my work difficult, but it makes me the go-to person for homework help.

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