Honors Fellowships

Gretchen Nutz

Name: Gretchen Nutz
Title of Project:
 Tourism in Oman: Constructing an Identity
Sibel Zandi-Sayek
Honors Department: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

The goal of my research is to understand Omani national narratives and how they are constructed and articulated to tourists. A particular focus is on what differentiates Oman from other places in the Arabian Gulf and the Arab world.

Because Omani culture and society is understudied in the U.S., this thesis required travel to Oman to collect information firsthand. Without the Honors Fellowship, such travel would have been impossible.

Hometown: Warrenton, VA
Majors: Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Future Plans: I am considering further research in Oman and graduate school related to the Middle East. I hope to eventually work for an NGO or as a economic development consultant in the Middle East.
Campus Activities: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Middle Eastern Studies Association, Active Minds
Hobbies: Discussing global issues with friends over coffee, cooking dishes from all over the world, reading, exploring Colonial Williamsburg
Fun Fact: I was a paralegal for four years before quitting my job to be a full time student at William and Mary.

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