Honors Fellowships

Hannah Metheny

Name: Hannah Metheny
Title of Project:
For A Woman”: Pensions for Women Nurses, Soldiers, and Spies After the Civil War
 Carol Sheriff
Honors Department: History

I am researching how, when, and why women applied for pensions based on their own service in the Civil War. I hope to answer the question: were these women becoming politicized, and how does the question of female army service factor into politics?

The Honors Fellowship has given me an amazing opportunity to spend over a month in D.C. doing research, as well as visit obtain materials from archives and historical societies across the country.

Hometown: Boxborough, MA
Majors: History, Anthropology
Future Plans: I’d like to go to graduate school and earn my PhD in History.
Hobbies: I am a great reader (you rarely see me without my nose in a book, or a book in my bag). I am also a long-time Civil War re-enactor. On campus, I am Secretary for the W&M Heritage Dancers, and an editor with the James Blair Historical Review.
Fun Fact: Apparently, I nearly always walk on my tiptoes. I have no explanation for this.

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