Honors Fellowships

Holly Blackburn

Name: Holly Blackburn
Title of Project:
The effect of maternal investment on cloning frequency in the sea star Asterias forbesi.
Jon Allen
Honors Department: Biology

Within a single clutch, A. forbesi can release eggs that vary more than two-fold in volume. The larvae derived from these eggs are known to clone, however, the effect of egg size of how often the larvae can clone has never been examined.

In order to work with this specific species of sea star and work in a facility that makes my research more feasible I have to travel to Maine for the summer. The Honors Fellowship makes all of this possible. I would most like donors to know the depth of my appreciation for their support. The priceless experiences that I am able to gain would not be possible otherwise. I also plan to support others’ undergraduate research at W&M after I have graduated.

Hometown: Hampton, VA
Majors: Neuroscience
Future Plans: I hope to attend medical school in the fall of 2013. Ultimately, I would like to continue research in the clinical realm.
Campus Activities: I am a Teaching Assistant for the introductory chemistry labs. I am in the Allen research lab during the academic year.
Hobbies: I frequently enjoy joining the staff at the Peninsula Plastic Surgery Center in the OR. I love playing soccer.
Fun Fact: Well, a fun fact about this season of research is that I got engaged.

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