Honors Fellowships

John Lovette

Name: John Lovette
Title of Project:
 Ecological Impact of Coal Trains on Mercury Bioaccumulation in Local Wetlands
 Gary Rice
Honors Department: Chemistry

Mercury is a known component in coal and has severe, detrimental biological impacts. I will study how coal dust spreading from trains in the area affects the mercury levels in local wetlands.

The interdisciplinary nature of my research makes it both fascinating and difficult to fund under existing grants within my research lab. Through the help of the Honors Fellowship, I am able to get the necessary funding to work both in the Chemistry department and with the faculty at the Keck Lab. The Honors Fellowship also provides me with an opportunity to build this project as a culmination and combination of my academic studies at the College, combing both of my majors as well as creating a project that caters towards my future goals.

Hometown: Lititz, PA
Majors: Chemistry & Environmental Science
Future Plans: I am looking to get my doctorate in some combination of chemistry, environmental science, and water sciences. Having done research in an analytical lab for the past year, I am interested in environmental monitoring and the effects that chemicals are having on water quality and availability. After graduate school, I hope to work in a lab and in the field. My graduate studies will definitely help shape my post-academic goals.
Campus Activities: Alma Mater Productions (Campus Programming Board), Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Ultimate Frisbee, Peer Advising, Orientation Aide, Order of Omega
Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, backpacking, travel
Fun Fact: Through my involvement with Alma Mater Productions, I have been able to transport band members from Third Eye Blind, Super Mash Bros, and Delta Spirit for shows at William and Mary.

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