Honors Fellowships

Kyra Zemanick

Name: Kyra Zemanick
Title of Project:
 War on the Ground: A Study on the Reliability of Firsthand Testimony on the American Civil War
Jim Whittenburg
Honors Department: History

I am conducting a comparative study between firsthand testimonies of two Civil War battles to ascertain whether or not soldiers reported sanitized accounts. Ultimately, my thesis will attempt to see why, despite the breadth of today’s Civil War scholarship, not one book has analyzed personal accounts in comparison to historical truth.

The Honors Fellowship provides me with the time and resources to perform extensive research on primary source materials. I am grateful for the opportunity to travel to libraries and archives to work with period documents.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Majors: History & Anthropology
Future Plans: Following graduation, I intend to earn a graduate degree and then pursue a career in history, documentary film, and/or journalism.
Hobbies: I enjoy reading, writing, playing my violin, and exploring Colonial Williamsburg with friends.
Fun Fact: One of my personal heroes is Mr. Feeny.

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