Honors Fellowships

Lauren Greene

Name: Lauren Greene 
Title of Project:
 Little Ambassadors: Fashion Dolls and the Dissemination of Fashion in England
 Kathrin Levitan
Honors Department: History

Through my research I will investigate how fashion dolls were used in England during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to spread fashion trends. This research is important and particularly exciting because very little work has been done concerning the use of fashion dolls as a means to convey fashion trends throughout the western world.

The Honors Fellowship will give me the financial support to access necessary archives and materials, as well as enable me to stay in England to conduct my research.

Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Majors: History
Future Plans: Following graduation from William and Mary, I plan on applying to graduate programs in fashion studies. I am particularly interested in costume history and reproduction.
Campus Activities:  have taken on leadership roles in the Student Conduct Council, William and Mary Bosnia Project, and Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society. Additionally I am a member of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society, a peer reviewer for the James Blair Historical Review, a freshman Peer Advisor, and a Program Advocate for William and Mary Residence Life.
Hobbies: I’m an avid reader and love traveling and visiting museums – especially ones with costume collections. Although I’m not very good at it yet, I like sewing and trying my hand at making historically accurate garments.
Fun Fact: I love crime shows, summer fruits, and spicy food. I’ve also made a period accurate corset for a class through the Theater Department.

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