Honors Fellowships

Maegan Jones

Name: Maegan Jones
Title of Project:
 Preventing Disordered Eating: Children’s Approach or Avoidance of Foods
 Catherine Forestell; Meghan Sinton
Honors Department: Psychology

My project is on the development of food preferences and body image in girls ages four to twelve, and the potential relationship between those factors and the messages that the girls are receiving about body image and eating. Our goal is to find out what messages might be related to better body image and eating habits in girls, so that in the future, we can try to instill children with habits and beliefs that will provide barriers to the development of disordered eating.

The Honors Fellowship is incredibly important to my research. Without the funding, I would not have been able to advertise for families to participate, or to compensate families for their time. Without the Honors Fellowship, my research could not have happened.

Hometown: Cheasapeake, VA
Majors: Psychology, Sociology
Future Plans: I am applying to PhD programs for clinical psychology, as well as Human Development and Family Studies programs, this fall. My goal is to be able to continue researching eating disorder prevention techniques.
Campus Activities: Vice President for Students for Stop Hunger Now Executive Board Member for Sexual Assault Peer Advocates Peer Advisor TA for Peer Advising
Hobbies: I enjoy volunteering at animal shelters, as well as playing music whenever I get the chance.
Fun Fact: I can play six instruments, and one of the musical groups I was in once placed fifth in an international competition.

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