Honors Fellowships

Max Cunningham

Name: Max Cunningham
Title of Project:
 Exploring the Influence of Weathering on Bedrock Channel Profile Evolution
 Greg Hancock
Honors Department: Geology

Rivers that form in bedrock play a major role in landscape erosion and change, yet the way in which bedrock channels themselves erode is not completely understood. This project examines how weakening of bedrock (i.e. weathering) influences the way in which bedrock streams, and consequently broader landscapes, change with time.

A professional approach to measuring bedrock stream erosion requires sophisticated field equipment, both for modeling channel characteristics (width, slope) and extent of rock weakening. The William and Mary Honors Fellowship provides me the opportunity to access this equipment and to visit particularly interesting bedrock streams.

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Majors: Geology & Environmental Science
Future Plans: I plan to pursue a PhD in Geomorphology (the study of how landscapes are shaped) or Hydrology immediately following my graduation next May. I plan on continuing geologic research for the foreseeable future, preferably at an academic institution.
Campus Activities: Club Baseball, Dog Street Journal Campus Magazine
Hobbies: I enjoy playing baseball and I closely follow the professional baseball season, particularly the performance of individual pitchers (Tim Lincecum is a personal favorite)
Fun Fact: My left iris is two different colors.

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