Honors Fellowships

Meghan Moore

 Name: Meghan Moore
Title of Project:
 Beyond the Base: The Transition from Military Life in the Wake of Tragedy
 Kathleen Jenkins
 Honors Department: Sociology

Where the nature of loss provides a sense of transition to all those affected by it, loss under the microscope of the military is an interesting phenomenon. For my thesis, I plan to research how the family unit begins to cope with these drastic transitions, both figurative and literal, as they depart from a way of life far different than the normal progression of retirement.

The Honors Fellowship has been an extremely rewarding opportunity. Through the program, I have been able to travel down to Ft. Hood, TX, the largest military institution in the U.S, to begin interviewing those involved in Survivor Outreach Services. I plan to build most of my research from the in-depth interviews I will conduct with survivors and program facilitators in the area. I feel very privileged to speak to these individuals in order to understand the process of transition first hand and understanding the commonalities, differences, and gaps in the U.S Army’s treatment of grief and bereavement.

Hometown: Yorktown, VA
Majors: Government & Sociology
Future Plans: The beauty of William and Mary experience is that my high school dreams of being a press secretary, from watching multiple episodes of West Wing, have now morphed into a variety of career aspirations given the amount of doors that have been opened to me. Ideally, I would like to join the Peace Corps after graduation and then matriculate into an international law program.
Campus Activities: Reformed University Fellowship Students for Belize Education Phi Sigma Alpha Government Honor Society & Editorial Board Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity Student Alumni Council Gamma Phi Beta Sorority
Hobbies: Writing Reading Running the trails of Lake Matoka Enjoying the free food samples of Williamsburg Driving my mother’s mini van on ridiculously long road trips throughout the United States.
Fun Fact: I have been known to be the last one to leave the dance floor. This has nothing to do with an esteemed dancing pedigree.

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