Honors Fellowships

Michelle Repper

Name: Michelle Repper
Title of Project:
 Divisions Dissolved, Conversations and Convergences Revealed: Amrita Sher-Gil and Global Modernism
 Charles Palermo
Honors Department: Art & Art History

Amrita Sher-Gil was an half-Indian, half-Hungarian female artist working in the early-mid twentieth century. She spent most of her childhood in Europe, received her training in Paris, and returned to India to paint its essence. I propose that her work should be considered in tandem with that of the European modern art movement because she continued and built on the exciting aesthetic and ideological conversations that had occurred in Europe half a century earlier.

My research is extremely important because so much art historical discourse is still Euro-centric. Those scholars working on Indian modern art are still combating with the common assumption that this work is derivative and therefore inherently inferior. I place Sher-Gil on the same plane European modernists to retire this question of legitimacy, and to point scholarship towards a proper discussion of the art that has gone neglected for too long.

Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Majors: Art & Art History, South Asian Studies (Self-designed)
Future Plans: I hope to pursue a career in academia after obtaining my MA and PhD in art history. My primary interests right now are Indian modernism, global/comparative modernism, Contemporary art of the African Diaspora,Contemporary Chinese art and more generally modern and contemporary art. Hopefully I can fill some of the gaps in scholarship that currently exist.
Campus Activities: Editor-in-Chief, Founder, President, Layout Editor of SOLWatching art & art history magazine Consultant at the Writing Resources Center W&M Peer Advisor
Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, Baking, Playing Tennis, Running, Indonesian Dance, Book-binding, Writing, Watching Films and TV
Fun Fact: I’m extremely passionate about art history– if you’re curious about any topic I would love to have a conversation or field any questions!

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