Honors Fellowships

Nicole Brown

Name: Nicole Brown 
Title of Project:
 A Separated Sudan Redefining Sudanese Immigrant Transnational Identity
 Monika Gosin
Honors Department: Sociology

My project will explore the transnational identities of an organization of Southern Sudanese immigrants in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Specifically I will conduct in-depth interviews that will look into how their political actions leading to the referendum and the separation of Sudan in July 2011 affected their views of their own national identity and the identity of their home nation.

I’m very grateful to receive this honors fellowship because it allows me the opportunity to explore a topic of great interest to me and conduct my own independent qualitative research project. Further it gives me the freedom to conduct the project during the summer.

Hometown: McLean, VA
Majors: Sociology
Future Plans: After graduation I plan to travel, volunteer and work in East Africa leading up to pursuing a PhD in the near future.
Campus Activities: I am a member of Amnesty International, a Freshman Orientation Aid and an avid breakdancer in the W&M SMILES crew.
Hobbies: Dancing all day and night, traveling and exploring cities, playing guitar, reading non-fiction and longboarding.
Fun Fact: I will challenge just about anyone to a dance off

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