Honors Fellowships

Seth Theuerkauf

Name: Seth Theuerkauf
Title of Project:
Development of a Sanctuary Oyster Reef Network in the Great Wicomico River, Virginia
Matthias Leu
Honors Department:Biology

My research involves the use of computer-based geographic information systems (GIS) and conservation planning software to design an optimal sanctuary oyster reef network for a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. Use of these computer-based tools allows for all interested parties (i.e., researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, members of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, and members of the community at-large) to collaborate to select the best sanctuary reef reserve design that meets minimum ecological targets while minimizing relative social, economic, or ecological cost.

The Honors Fellowship program has allowed me the opportunity to conduct a unique Honors Thesis project that combines my passion for native oyster restoration in Chesapeake Bay with my knowledge of marine conservation biology and geographic information systems. Without the support of the Honors Fellowship program, my research would not be possible.

Hometown: Gloucester, VA
Majors: Biology and Environmental Science
Future Plans: PhD in Marine Conservation Biology; continue researching and working with native oyster restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay.
Campus Activities: Co-Founder, former Treasurer, former Vice President, and current President of the William and Mary Marine Science Society.
Hobbies: Traveling, Mountain Biking, Camping, and Spending Time with Family.
Fun Fact: As a representative of the William and Mary Marine Science Society, I had the opportunity to travel to Kona, Hawaii last school year to attend a Student Leadership Conference. Also, I was born and raised in Gloucester, Virginia, a small coastal town bordering the Chesapeake Bay. I began working at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science during the summer of 2007 in the Marine Conservation Biology and Community Ecology laboratory. I am very passionate about native oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay, and the restoration and conservation of the Chesapeake Bay in general.

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