Honors Fellowships

Taylor Broome

Name: Taylor Broome
Title of Project:
A Mathematical Model of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Randolph Coleman
Honors Department: Chemistry

I am using mathematical modeling to examine disease progression in Renal Cell Carcinoma, the most deadly form of kidney cancer. I hope to be able to use my theoretical model to suggest real-world treatments.

I have always been fascinated by cancer, so to be able to have an entire, funded summer in which to conduct my research is amazing.

Hometown: Sutherlin, VA
Majors: Neuroscience with a Biochemistry minor
Future Plans: I want to go to medical school.
Campus Activities: Organic Chemistry II teaching assistant, Co-President of Kids Interested in Technology, Engineering, and Science (we do science experiments with kids!), Vice President of Communication for Unite for Sight, Peer Adviser, Mortar Board Service Chair.
Hobbies: I really love baking!
Fun Fact: I live on a cattle farm and I have never been on an airplane.

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