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Amy Schaffman

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Name: Amy Schaffman
Title of Project: Keep Calm and Carry On?: Looking at WWII Great Britain’s CORB Operation
Advisor: Bruce Campbell
Honors Department: History

The Children Overseas Reception Board was begun in 1940 as a response to the belief of the time that Hitler would try to invade Britain. CORB arranged for 2,664 children to find temporary refuge in such Commonwealth countries as Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand, as well as in the United States. This program came to an abrupt halt after the sinking of the vessel, The City of Benares, on 17 September 1940, which killed 77 of the 90 CORB children on board, thereby, confirming fears that foreign evacuation was more dangerous than the Blitz. This thesis will attempt to gauge WWII Britain’s value system by looking at the selection process for the CORB children, the restrictions and legislation imposed on host countries, and Britain’s public reaction to the operation.

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Majors: History
Future Plans: Following graduation, I intend to earn a graduate degree and then pursue a career in history, museum education, or a combination thereof.
Hobbies: I enjoy acting and singing. On campus, I have been part of Spotlight Show Choir. I enjoy learning about historical dance and am part of William and Mary’s Heritage Dance Club. Besides these interests, I enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures.
Fun Fact: When I was in elementary school, my dream job was to become a presenter on the travel television show, Globe Trekker.


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