Honors Fellowships

Catherine Brahe

Brahe, Catherine - SquareName:  Catherine Brahe
Title of Project:
  Upstream Regulation of Xmsr, a Gene Involved in Vascular and Neural Development
Advisor:  Margaret Saha
Honors Department: Biology

Xmsr is a gene which codes for a G-protein coupled receptor that functions in the development of the vertebrate vascular and nervous system. It is also implicated in suppressing neuronal differentiation in embryonic stem cells. My project aims to answer the following question: How is neural (specifically retinal) expression of Xmsr regulated by upstream elements?

Hometown:  Williamsburg, VA
Majors:  Biology
Future Plans: Medical School
 I volunteer as a health coach and drug program administrator at the Angels of Mercy Free Medical Clinic. I spend my free time traveling, visiting museums, and taking photographs. I also love to sing, play guitar, and go to concerts.
Fun Fact: One of my favorite bands is the Spanish alternative rock group Vetusta Morla. I got to see them perform at U Street Music Hall in Washington D.C. on their very first US tour in 2012!


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