Honors Fellowships

Colleen Betti

Betti, Colleen - SquareName: Colleen Betti
Title of Project:
 The Creation of Social Space and Landscape by the Enslaved at Fairfield Plantation
Advisor: Neil Norman
Honors Department: Anthropology

I will be cataloging artifacts recovered from a midden (area of trash disposal) and slave quarter yard areas at Fairfield Plantation in Gloucester County, Virginia, in order to create distribution maps in an attempt to look at the creation of social space and landscape by the enslaved population of the plantation. The project will be looking at the function of a midden on the plantation landscape, a topic that is rarely looked at in the Chesapeake, and at the daily life of enslaved Africans, which is a topic of growing interest in archaeology and related fields of study.

Hometown: Herndon, VA
Majors: Anthropology & History
Future Plans: I would like to attend graduate school for historical archaeology and eventually be employed as an archaeologist.
Hobbies: I have recently taken back up crocheting and although I don’t have much time to do it lately, I greatly enjoy reading for fun.
Fun Fact: I am under five feet tall (4 feet 11 inches) and my small size means that I am at times placed in small or tight places to dig on archaeological sites, such as between two graves and in utility trenches.

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