Honors Fellowships

Crosby Enright

Enright, Crosby - SquareName: Crosby Enright
Title of Project:
 Memory and Contested History: Penitentiary Poetry of the Spanish Civil War
Advisor: Francie Cate-Arries
Honors Department: Hispanic Studies

For my project, I will analyze the work of three Spanish poets who were imprisoned during the Franco regime to examine how their verses preserve the history of the “losers” of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939. This history was not only repressed but actively erased under Franco’s rule in the attempt to justify the brutal nationalist victory. Recovering this history thus represents a way to honor the memory of the victims and achieve historical justice.

Hometown: Groton, MA
Majors: Hispanic Studies & History
Future Plans: I am considering pursuing graduate work in either Spanish literature or library science after graduation. I hope to use my internship this summer to help determine my interests and plans.
Hobbies: I have been an athlete my whole life and love sports and being active! Exercise provides me with a fun outlet from school and is one of my biggest passions.
Fun Fact: Last January I had the privilege of traveling to Spain with a history professor to work in the archives in Pamplona. While we were there, we got to tour an archaeological site of eleventh century Roman ruins. We held ancient coins that the workers had unearthed at the site!


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