Honors Fellowships

Danielle Weber

Weber, Danielle - SquareName:  Danielle Weber
Title of Project:
  Perceptions of Women Confronting Sexism
Advisor:  Cheryl Dickter
Honors Department: Psychology

My project will examine whether certain variables influence how people think of women who confront sexist comments. Often, women are viewed more negatively for assertively stand up for themselves, so understanding what influences these judgments will help us understand the best ways to confront sexism without accompanied negative judgments.

Hometown:  Stafford, VA
Majors:  Psychology & English
Future Plans: I plan to attend a graduate program for clinical psychology and work in psychotherapy
 I enjoy acting and directing Shakespearean theater, and have acted in non-Shakespearean theater in the past. I also love reading and creative writing. I also have a black belt in two styles of karate, and have taken lessons for over 11 years.
Fun Fact: I was born on a military base in Germany. When there, my family traveled all over Europe. Some day, I want to go back to all those places I loved as a child.

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