Honors Fellowships

Deborah Wood

Wood, Deborah - SquareName:
 Deborah Wood
Title of Project:
 Head and Heart: Religion and Mathematics in the Medieval Middle East
Advisor: Nicholas Popper
Honors Department: History

The Middle East in the Middle Ages, at the confluence of Africa, Asia, and Europe, was a place in which people accepted many faiths and drew on many intellectual traditions. I am investigating the relationship between a mathematician’s religious identity and the genre of math he pursued.

Hometown:  Vero Beach, FL
Majors:  Mathematics and History
Future Plans: I intend to pursue a Ph.D. in the history of mathematics, specializing in that of medieval Asia. I hope one day to be a professor, teaching and researching the subject I enjoy so much.
 I enjoy traveling, learning languages, and English country dancing.
Fun Fact: I am addicted to crime shows and Korean dramas.


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