Honors Fellowships

Dylan Kolhoff

Kolhoff, Dylan - SquareSmallName: Dylan Kolhoff
Title of Project:
 Good Neighbors: Trade, Culture, and Institutions in Territorial Disputes
Advisor: TJ Cheng
Honors Department: International Relations

The question that my thesis tackles is how trade and similarities or differences in culture and government structures affect the outcome of territorial disputes between countries. Since territorial disputes have throughout history been a principle cause of war, the thesis tackles the essential question of why wars occur.

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Majors: International Relations
Future Plans: Connecting the world. As to whether through the foreign service, a JD in international law, or international business, I have yet to decide.
Hobbies: Traveling, photography, acting, reading, biking, baking, and eating
Fun Fact: I once acted in a popular Chinese TV Show.


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