Honors Fellowships

Elizabeth Pelletier

Pelletier, Elizabeth - SquareName: Elizabeth Pelletier
Title of Project:
  Learning in Harm’s Way: Neighborhood Violence and School Performance
Advisor:  Paul Manna
Honors Department: Public Policy

My thesis will explore the relationship between violent crime and school performance, looking at schools in cities where violence is an almost daily phenomenon. I will use geo-coded crime data to investigate whether, after controlling for other factors known to affect student achievement, a relationship exists between a school’s proximity to violent crime and its performance. Having a summer Honors Fellowship will allow me the time to gather, geo-code and analyze my data, as well as to possibly expand the scope of the project to include more cities and/or more years.

Hometown: Rockville, MD
Majors: Public Policy
Future Plans: I want to learn as much as I can and make the most of the rest of my time at W&M, and ultimately pursue graduate work in public policy.
Hobbies: William & Mary Television, W&M Global Film Festival. Filmmaking, cooking, watching old movies.
Fun Fact: I play the ukulele!


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