Honors Fellowships

Jaclyn McKenna

McKenna, Jaclyn - SquareName: Jaclyn McKenna
Title of Project:
 Development of Photo-caged Bioactive Compounds
Advisor: Douglas Young
Honors Department: Chemistry

My research project involves a combination of molecular biology and bio-organic synthesis to study the therapeutic regulation of microRNAs as well as the application of unnatural amino acids towards biological problems. Photo-caging groups have potential in providing an added degree of specificity to these molecules.

Hometown: Huntington, NY
Majors: Chemistry
Future Plans: My hope is to attend medical school to become a physician.
Hobbies: I love playing sports and doing outdoor activities, like camping, skiing, and sailing.
Fun Fact: I’ve taught my dog the most awesome trick. If I say “slippers” he runs upstairs, gets my slippers out of the closet, and brings them down to me.


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