Honors Fellowships

Jacob Sprang

Sprang, Jacob - SquareSmallName: Jacob Sprang
Title of
Project:  The Effects of Foreign Embargos on Conflict Mineral
Advisor:  Philip Roessler
Honors Department: International Relations

This honors fellowship is important because conducting the research for my project will involve rather high travel costs as I seek out interview subjects. Additionally, my project is rather ambitious, so having the extended amount of time of an Honors Fellowship will allow me to invest the necessary time to create a nuanced analysis of this question.

Hometown:  Medina, OH
Majors:  International Relations
Future Plans: I want to work on the line between the activism and academic communities. After pursuing postgraduate education, either law school or a masters and doctorate program, I would like to work in the NGO field as either an analyst or a consultant for human rights organizations.
 I am passionate about human rights activism. It is my professional field of choice, and I enjoy working with groups aimed at bettering the world. I am also a rugby fanatic. I am constantly studying the game, following my favorite teams, and training to be a better player. My addiction with the sport has gotten so out of hand that I know play Fantasy Rugby online. I also enjoy music and reading.
Fun Fact: I am incapable of making a good pun


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