Honors Fellowships

Jamie Chen

Chen, Jamie - SquareName: Jamie Chen 
Title of Project:
  Factorization of Permutation: Efficient Number Sorting in a Grid
Advisor:   Gexin Yu
Honors Department: Mathematics

I hope to give good estimates of the number of steps needed to sort numbers on the grid, and come up with efficient sorting algorithms that will apply to grids of any sizes. My project has important applications in many fields and may lead to an improvement of image processing that is frequently used in satellite projection. The Honors Fellowship provides the perfect opportunity for me to fully explore my mathematical interests without boundaries or limitations.

Hometown:  Shenyang, China
Majors: Math and Marketing
Future Plans: After college, I plan to go to graduate school and pursue a career in actuarial science, which allows me to apply mathematical methods in assessing insurance risks.
Hobbies: APO, Orientation Peer Leader, Branch Out Alternative Spring Break. Hobbies include hiking, swimming, badminton, karaoke.
Fun Fact: I love coffee and it doesn’t affect my sleep at all.


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