Honors Fellowships

Jeffrey Rohde

Rohde, Jeffrey - SquareName: Jeffrey Rohde
Title of Project:
  Is Access to Health Care the Key to Achieving National Stability?
Advisor: Sue Peterson
Honors Department: International Relations

I plan to identify and define the relationship between access to health care institutions and the subsequent effects such access has on the prevalence of civil conflict.

Hometown: Reisterstown, MD
Majors: International Relations & Public Health
Future Plans: I plan to graduate from William & Mary and gain work experience in the field of international relations and development as well as the crafting policy. Ultimately, I would like to earn a position wherein I can apply the information I gain through research such as my Fellowship and my time in the field to improve civil services in wanting communities within the U.S. and abroad.
Hobbies: I enjoy running and photography outside of class. I also love cooking and experimenting with new culinary styles.
Fun Fact: I love adventuring outside and hiking!


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