Honors Fellowships

Katherine Barlow

Barlow, KatherineName: Katherine Barlow
Title of Project:
 Learned Horror: The Response of Physicians to the Great Plague of Marseilles
Advisor: Ronald Schechter
Honors Department: History

I am researching the letters and treatises of the doctors of the University of Montpellier written in response to the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague in Marseilles in 1720. What cultural factors contributed to their conservative response? Were pre 19th century physicians really so “medieval”?

Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Majors: History & French
Future Plans: I hope to take a year off and teach English in France or Belgium to improve my idiom in French. After that, I will enter my graduate studies with the eventual hope of becoming a professor, perhaps in the field of cultural history.
Hobbies: I sing in a cappella group and assist in the College’s local Gregorian Chanting group. I like smelling old musty documents and buildings.
Fun Fact: I translated a Led Zeppelin song into Old English.


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