Honors Fellowships

Kimberly Chaney

Chaney, Kimberly - SquareName:  Kimberly Chaney
Title of Project:
  Detrimental Effects of Solo Status on Learning
Advisor:  Cheryl Dickter
Honors Department: Psychology

My honors project will be examining how learning is negatively effected by solo status, which is defined as being the only member of one’s race or gender within a group. While our society continues to work towards equal opportunities and a greater balance within classrooms and offices, it is important that we better understand this disadvantage faced by minorities in order to develop strategies and tools to overcome these negative effects.

Hometown:  Kennett Square, PA
Majors:  Psychology & Classical Studies
Future Plans: I hope to attend graduate school for social psychology and continue researching various aspects of social cognition and interracial interactions.
 I enjoy traveling, reading, and cooking.
Fun Fact: In the past year I have traveled to eight different countries.


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