Honors Fellowships

Lindsey Neimo

Neimo, Lindsey - SquareName: Lindsey Neimo
Title of Project:
 Foundations of Faith-Based Social Justice
Advisor: Marc Raphael
Honors Department: Religious Studies

My research will be looking into the reasons why people involved in religious communities decide to participate in projects which serve those in need. Discovering what triggers people’s desire to do good deeds will hopefully help in increasing social justice activities across the world.

Hometown: Ashburn, VA
Majors: Religious Studies
Future Plans: It is my dream to develop and spread a service mission trip program for individual churches, congregations, and diocese to use throughout the year which would serve their local community. This program would be based off of the Diocese of Arlington’s WorkCamp, as well as Catholic Heart WorkCamp, and programs such as Habitat for Humanity. The goal is to create viable service opportunities for people of any age to aid those less fortunate.
Hobbies: WorkCamp, Board Games, Service Projects, Folk Group (Church Singing)
Fun Fact: I love nothing more than reading a book on the beach. I am in my favorite place in the world and then I can be transported anywhere! I also get a huge thrill from service projects. For me, there’s nothing better than building a wheelchair ramp with peers and giving all of what I have to someone who needs it more.


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