Honors Fellowships

Mitchell Caudill

Caudill, Mitch - Square Mitchell Caudill
Title of Project:
  Do No Harm: Low Impact Research on Chimpanzee Termite-fishing in Cameroon
Advisor:   Barbara King
Honors Department: Anthropology

The Honors Fellowship made my trip and my project possible. As a broke college student, there is no way I would have been able to pay for my flights and living expenses in Cameroon without the Fellowship’s support.

Hometown: Midlothian, VA
Majors: Anthropology
Future Plans: My goal is to help with the conservation of endangeared and threatend species through veterinary medicine.
Hobbies: When not studying, I work in Professor Dan Cristol’s bird laboratory. I’m also a member of the Student Set Crew at the campus center. My days are pretty full, but I find time to follow sports and also spend two or three days a week shadowing at a local veterinary clinic.
Fun Fact: I have met every living Virginia governor.


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