Honors Fellowships

Rachel Brooks

Brooks, Rachel - SquareName: Rachel Brooks
Title of Project:
  Can Education Compensate for Society? Sociolinguistic Theory and K-12 Education
Advisor:   Anne Charity-Hudley
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

My research will address language’s role in the development of policy proposals for educators in low-income and urban areas. I will interview K-12 teachers from Virginia and Maryland to explore how educators’ curriculum and classroom management practices can mitigate the effects of low socioeconomic status and language variation among students. The Honors Fellowship provides vital financial support and allows me to dedicate time to thesis research.

Hometown:  Virginia Beach, Virginia
Majors: Public Policy
Future Plans: After graduating from William and Mary, I want to attend graduate school and pursue a career in public affairs. I am especially interested in education policy, political communication, and public administration.
Hobbies: I work for the Sharpe Community Scholars Program and the Center for Gifted Education and am involved in Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, the Digital Education Technology Committee, and Virginia21. I enjoy drawing, writing letters, hiking, and exploring new cities.
Fun Fact: My first job was as a costumed tour guide for a museum in Hampton Roads. I used to draw weekly cartoons for The Flat Hat. I have heterochromia iridum.


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