Honors Fellowships

Rachel Taverner

Taverner, Rachel - SquareSmallName: Rachel Taverner
Title of Project:
  Track Reconstruction and Determination of Kinematic Parameters for the Qweak Experiment
Advisor: Wouter Deconinck
Honors Department: Physics

The Qweak experiment examines electron-proton scattering at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, with the purpose of learning more about the weak nuclear force. I will be doing data analysis for the experiment, writing programs in the data analysis software package ROOT in order to calculate the momentum of particles leaving the scattering interactions. The values that my programs will calculate will be used in further data analysis for the experiment.

Hometown:  Bristol, VA
Majors:  Physics
Future Plans: I plan to attend graduate school and obtain a PhD in physics or a closely related area. After that, I would like to find a research position in which I can apply what I have learned in college and graduate school.
 Swimming, violin, traveling
Fun Fact: I just completed a year abroad at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.


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