Honors Fellowships

Rob Marty

Marty, Rob - SquareName: Rob Marty
Title of Project:
 Utilizing Remote Sensing to Evaluate Foreign Health Aid Effectiveness
Advisor: Matthias Leu
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

I’ll be using satellite imagery to examine the impact of disease outbreaks and, subsequently, foreign health aid projects. Economic literature highlights how disease burdens lead to less productive labor forces, particularly in labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture. I’ll utilize satellite imagery to examine how landscape variables such as agricultural yields change when there are disease outbreaks and the extent that such variables increase when there are foreign health aid programs. The project ultimately seeks to shed light on an emerging method to ask if foreign aid projects have their intended impact.

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Majors: Public Policy
Future Plans: That’s the golden question for me. I’ve become interested in public health, but more broadly interested in the nexus between science and policy. So pursuing something in that field— whether it be research or teaching or a mix of both or something different altogether.
Hobbies: Reading, running, eating, movie making, getting lost in memory lane, watching 1970s musicals, being scared by my roommate, making Seinfeld references at every possible opportunity, and drinking tea.
Fun Fact: Among the highlights of my life was a 32-hour train ride from Chicago to Flagstaff with about 80 of my favorite people.


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