Honors Fellowships

Rory Sullivan

Sullivan, Rory - SquareName: Rory Sullivan
Title of Project:
 Exhibitions to Books: The Relationship Between the British Museum and Literature
Advisor: Suzanne Raitt
Honors Department: English 

My project will look at the relationship between the British Museum and literature, as it is a rich and complex one that has been cultivated throughout the years. The Museum constructs and presents a certain vision of British identity, and authors react to it in their writings, providing clues as to what exactly it means to be British.

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Majors: English
Future Plans: I plan to go on to graduate school and earn my doctorate so that I can become an English professor and teach.
Hobbies: I am particularly interesting in sci-fi, be it literature, movies, or TV shows, and soccer is my favorite sport. I watch it whenever I can, and take every opportunity possible to see it live.
Fun Fact: So long as it is cooked properly, a grilled cheese will beat any other type of sandwich.


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