Honors Fellowships

Sharon Hartzell

Hartzell, Sharon - SquareName:  Sharon Hartzell
Title of Project:
  Land Use Impacts on Heavy Metal Accumulation in Vegetation
Advisor:  James Kaste
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

My project will study the accumulation of heavy metals in plants, which will provide insight into the fate and impact of pollutants in the environment. My project will study correlations between metal accumulation and land use, particularly in the case of coal-bearing trains that travel through Williamsburg.

Hometown:  Binghamton, New York
Majors:  Chemistry & Environmental Science
Future Plans: I plan attend graduate school, studying pollution in the environment and its impacts on human health. I would eventually like to write books about environmental topics, and to improve environmental policy to better protect at-risk communities.
 Writing – fiction and nonfiction Running and yoga Hiking and exploring
Fun Fact: My hometown of Binghamton, NY is known as the “Carousel Capital of the World” due to its great number of carousels. The Lord of the Rings was my favorite book when I was younger. I memorized a 124 line poem from the book, and learned to write in Elvish. One of my favorite things about going to William & Mary is the ghost tours in Colonial Williamsburg.


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